Thursday, September 15, 2011

CSRG Resumes Meetings, New Participants Welcome!

As the Cultural Studies Reading Group at McMaster University's Department of English and Cultural Studies enters its third year of existence, we would like to invite any and all interested students, alumni, and forward thinking citizens to our first meeting of the academic year, to be held on Thursday, September 22 at 4:30 in CNH 332. At this meeting we will do some general introductions, and will be discussing the introduction and first chapter of Paul Smith's new collection of essays "The Renewal of Cultural Studies" (2011).

Meetings will be held every subsequent second Thursday until Christmas, during which time we hope to cover the entirety of the book. By investigating the relationship of cultural studies as a discipline to such topics as feminism, ideology critique, post-colonial literature, the culture industry, elitism, economics and environmentalism (among many others), this collection promises to offer an opportunity for informed discussion about the role of cultural studies within the university and larger society.

For more information on readings and CSRG events, please contact us at

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