CSRG Background

The CSRG was started in 2009 (the blog followed a year later) by Carolyn Veldstra, Nick Holm, Jon Smith, Pamela Ingleton, Laura Wiebe, Simon Orpana, Evan Mauro, and Devon Mordell, all of whom were or had been graduate students in the Department of English and Cultural Studies at McMaster University.  We seek to provide an interest-driven venue for reading and discussing articles and books related to the field of cultural studies. We encourage people both within and without of the university to attend our bi-weekly meetings as time and interest allow, and always welcome new members.

Past projects the group has undertaken include short reviews of the orientation and trajectories of several prominent journals in the field (available in the blog archives), as well as investigation of diverse articles, book chapters, interviews, podcasts and complete books. As the result of one of our 2011 reading projects, a collaborative review of the essays collected in The Renewal of Cultural Studies (Paul Smith ed., 2011) will appear in an upcoming issue of Reviews in Cultural Theory. In May of 2013, CSRG members Carolyn Veldstra, Pam Ingleton and Nick Holm organized You Can't Be Serious, the John Douglas Taylor Conference at McMaster, bringing together a diverse group of scholars for a three day event investigating the cultural, political and aesthetic dimensions of seriousness.

For the 2013-14 academic year, English and Cultural Studies PhD candidates Sarah D'Adamo, Jocelyn Sakal Froese and Ben Prus will be steering the CSRG, which will pursue readings related to the theme of "Making Worlds." If you would like to be put on the CSRG mailing list to be notified about future events and developments, or if you have an interesting link you would like us to add to our blog, please drop us a line.

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